Why “Winning Product” is necessary?

'Winning Product' was initiated to help product teams with important strategic activities to stay ahead of their competition.

Software Product Market

Every year, many ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) and Startups invest on digital services and products to develop and sustain their business. According to researchandmarkets.com the market size for SaaS (Software as a Service) alone, worthed $134.44 billion in 2018. This market growth is at a CAGR of 13.1% and believed to reach a staggering $220.21 billion by 2022.

Despite Growth, Why Some Products Fail?

The market trend is lucrative. Despite that trend, many Software Products fail. Why? Well, they fail to reach the full potential due to vital issues in product management and engineering.

Let’s face the facts. Creating a market winning (leading) product is not easy. If that’s your goal, you need a massive amount of additional knowledge and skills beyond typical software development. You’re going to need a broader sense of the domain, market trends, product management techniques, customer engagement ability as well as resilient engineering capabilities. These skills are not taught at universities or gained through general software development work. “Winning Product” equips you with these tools to help you attain that market leading edge.